85% Commission Policy

Our 85% commission policy ensures publishers get the most per sale, not only the 75% that is industry average. There are various ways to earn even more, but just check with an account manager to learn more. We even have a cool referral program, so don’t be shy and say hello!

Real People, Real Advice

Brand leads a complete content monetization team. Get qualified conversion advice from our group of monetization consultants with over 8+ years of hands-on experience in the content field. We work closely with each publisher to educate and increase results. We’re the geeks that love helping our clients earn money.

Global Brands

Our partnership team absolutely loves building relationships with our advertisers, so publishers get to work with and earn from a very diverse range of advertisers that spans industries, countries and brand recognition. There are so many ways to create your monetization journey with us, so let our team suggest a customized experience.

Innovative Technology

ClickEasyMedia has a real-time advertiser system, ensuring publishers have the highest possible commission at the time of each sale and that links are live and commissionable across servers in 3 different countries. Our Tech Team also loves to dabble with innovation, because we believe everything is possible, so feel free to contact us with feedback or ideas.